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RITLUG 2015-02-27

2015 03 04

As part of bizlegfoss, we have to go to a FOSS related event or meetup at least once a month. Generally, this would be RocPy, but there was a misunderstanding on where the carpools would depart from, so I ended up missing February's meeting.

So instead, I ended up going to RIT's own RIT Linux User's Group, or RITLUG. Apparently, I picked a rather off-week to show up. I showed up at the 4 PM, and it ended up being me and someone who I think was the president / leader / main person of the group? People continued to trickle in over the next 20 minutes, but no presentations or any formal meeting type stuff happened. I am confident it was the correct room, but apparently nobody had made a presentation to give that week, so it boiled down to me half-listening to a guy informally rant about systemd and parent/child process inheritance. I suppose that counts as the presentation?

This is all rather unfortunate as this meeting was the only one I could actually carve out time in my schedule for. I'm sure the RITLUG meetings are fantastic when there are presentations, but I picked a dreadful week to go. I will definitely try to get to RocPy in March this time, and maybe give RITLUG a second chance later this semester.

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