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Multi-platform, multi-machine Octopressing

2013 04 29

Moving to Octopress was a bit of a challenge. Moving from the centralized, easy-to-manage Wordpress ecosystem to the distributed git-managed Octopress was a kick in the head. After acciedently and repeatedly overwriting my own posts and configurations, I decided to clear up the problem once and for all.

Blogging on Octopress from multiple machines, without doing it a very specific way, does bad, bad things to the blog. To rectify this, I make some scripts to treat the repo as the authoritative copy.

Get latest version from repo

Before starting to work I run this:

git fetch
git reset --hard origin/source
git pull origin source
cd ./_deploy
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull origin master
cd ..

or on Windows:

call git fetch origin
call git reset --hard origin/source
call git pull origin source
cd ./_deploy
call git fetch origin
call git reset --hard origin/master
call git pull origin master
cd ..

to effectively mirror the existing stuff on the repo, destroying(!) any unpushed changes on my current machine.

After writing a post, page, or otherwise updating the site

rake generate
git add .
git commit -m "updating via script!"
git push origin source
rake deploy

or on Windows

call rake generate
call git add .
call git commit -m "updating via script on Windows!"
call git push origin source
call rake deploy

This will cleanly and nicely regenerate the static html, and update both the source and site in the repo.

Setting up a computer to blog from for the first time

$ git clone git@github.com:username/username.github.com.git
$ cd username.github.com
username.github.com$ git checkout source
username.github.com$ mkdir _deploy
username.github.com$ cd _deploy
username.github.com/_deploy$ git init
username.github.com/_deploy$ git remote add origin git@github.com:username/username.github.com.git
username.github.com/_deploy$ git pull origin master
username.github.com/_deploy$ cd ..

After you do all that, make sure you get the latest version from the repo using the scripts in the top of the post. Hope that helps!