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In which I read, watch, and write. (BIZLEGFOSS Week 2)

2015 02 04

Having to write on this site this often is weird. I had gotten into such a deep rut of assuming "oh, that's not really worthy of a blog post" about nearly everything I do (so much so that I hadn't posted anything in like 15 months), that having to write blog posts (for grades!) this frequently, on a variety of topics, seems quite strange. Given how relatively surgical and calculated my previous posts have been, this continues to be a foreign practice to me. Hopefully it will get more comfortable (or I will stop irrationally worrying about every little thing that I post. If I go for volume, maybe people won't see the occasional dumb thing I post!)

Onto the assignments for this week:

Assignment 1: "Vidreview0"

Assignment 2: "Litreview0"

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