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Getting a FOSS minor when you are bad at coding

2015 03 11

I'm not good at coding. Well, that's perhaps not true. I feel like I'm bad at coding. That's why I don't do it a whole lot. Of course, the only way to get better at something is to do it, but it's difficult to get better when you don't actually know if you're doing anything wrong. My code works (eventually) sure, but if all my variables are constructed the wrong way and if you do anything unexpected it catches fire, that's not exactly great code, is it? I could go find resources and train myself to write better code and have better practices, but I can't really be bothered, since I don't write code all that often. It's a vicious cycle.

Yet, for some reason, I'm taking (more accurately finishing) this FOSS minor. I don't regret it, as it has been super fun and educational, but it feels weird when I do so little coding. I help FOSS projects where I can - filing bug reports (I can read code just fine), writing documentation, and so forth. I still feel like a "lesser" FOSS contributor. I suppose I would be perfectly happy doing these "lesser" things on my own, but when doing them for a grade, it gets a little frustrating and weird. At the same time though, the FOSS minor classes have made me feel more comfortable getting into FOSS stuff, code or no code, so I suppose it is progress.

And that's my serious blog post for now. Now I have to either come up with a way to crash the ofCourse instance with my RSS feed, find some more extra credit, or, I guess, actually write some more compelling posts. That first one seems enticing.

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