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2015 01 27

Whoa, what? An update on this website that has been almost completely stagnant for over a year? Weird!

I'm somewhat hesitant to write a big long story giving exposition for why this post suddenly appeared, but since my Github account is bound to the RIT FOSSBox's group page, I suppose it's not all that big of a secret where I go to school. If you're stalking me (or the NSA agent assigned to me) and didn't draw that conclusion, well, there you go, and also, you're bad at what you do.

So, RIT is the first university in North America to offer a minor in Free and Open Source Software, and I get to be one of the first people to complete it! As such, I am taking "Legal/Business Aspects of FOSS", or BIZLEGFOSS for short (the short name apparently subject to change, but I rather like it).

The first homework assignment for this course was to make a handful of accounts (blog, github, freenode nickserv, etc), all of which I already had. The final part was to write a blog post about your experience. I could get a little recursive and write about writing this blog post, but that is both silly and time consuming. Hopefully this class will get me back into the blogging mindset. I do have a handful of topics to write about, so perhaps some of those will appear sooner rather than later.

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